1.Go through your closet and start cleaning.

We only take in HIGH END DESIGNER BRANDS. Items must be clean with no smels, stains or holes. We take in anything that we can ship. Heavy items are very expensive to ship. We dont take in items that are more that 12 ponds.

3.One Year Contract

We will keep your items for one year. Some items might take longer time to sell.In any case you would like your items backwe will need to be notified in advance. After one year you need to contact us to pick up or to donate.

5. We take pictures, list and measure your items.

We do all the work for you. Press the items, taking pictures and editing them. Listing the items with proper tittles for buyers to find your products. Describing the item specifics and measurements and fabric content. Research what price we will sell for. It takes a long time list one item properly.

7. What if my items take long time to sell?

Most trendy up to date items sell fast with competitive price point. Some items sell slower. We try to reduce the price and change titles and wait. We do social media and advertise your items on Instagram and Facebook adds. If your items still doesn’t sell you are welcome to pick them up or we can donate them to a good cause.

2.Call for a pick up or send in your items.

If you live in the Los Angeles area we can pick your items up.
Call 818-515-6150 for an appointment. You can also ship your for free with our free shipping label. Please make sure to pack your items well. Sign the consignment agreement and list all your products.

4.Get paidevery 1st of the month.

Once an items sells and the buyer is happy we are ready to pay you. It does happen sometimes that the buyer decides to return the merchandise back. Due to this situation we need to wait for a while. Checks are sent out every month and they need to be at least $50.00 worth of commision.

6. How do we determine what price?

We research similar items and see what price our competitors are selling for.We usually price at a higher point, due to the fact that we have continuously create sales in the store for google to pick up our listings. Sometimes we give option for buyers to make an offer. It all depends on the product.

8. What items do we take?

We only except HIGH END DESIGNER ITEMS ONLY. We take in women’s and mens clothing, bags, shoes, watches, fine jewelry, accessories, and home decor. We take wedding dresses, vintage clothing and collectable items. All items must be clean without any odors, stains, or holes. Items over 12 pounds are not allowed.


Earn 50%

For your items

$1.00 – $300.00

Earn 65%

For your items

$300.00 – $1000.00

Earn 75%

for your items

$1000.00 – $2000.00

Earn 85%

for your items

$2000.00 – $20000.00

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