We have been selling online for more than 10 years.

Karin Is the founder of Resell My Closet. She has studied Fashion Design and has been in the Fashion industry more than 25 years. She used to have her own brand and manufacture women’s contemporary clothing line called Varvar. Her creativity didn’t stop with clothes. She also created a jewelry collection which was made with very precious large stones and gems. She also ventured in the bag business and had a small hand bag line. She had been in business of Fashion Clothing Accessories for a long time. Karin started selling her items online to turn her items into cash. Her friends started giving her their items, from her friends word got out and Resell My Closet was born. She has been selling online for a long time and she knows all the detailed ways of promoting a product. She is always there for her customers and will answer questions very quickly. She is a trustworthy honest person with a great close family background. 

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Lauren is our buyer. We shop around and find great designer products for less and bring them to our online store. We are a consignment shop as well as a discount boutique. Lauren works on our NEW items and she also takes pictures. She is our photographer . She has a great aye for finding fresh new products. She is very competitive and knows up to date styles and fashion trends. She has been traveling all over the world and has a great sense of life style and attitude where she uses it towards buying merchandise. 

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